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Trip Report: June 13, 2009

Rocky's first six-day trip of the 2009 season launched June 13.  The water was in the mid 4 foot range all week, and we had a great group of return and new guests.  One of the original Rocky guides Jake Lansche blocked out some time from his work with Microsoft and brought his son Rob for a pre-college father-son trip.  It was a lot of fun watching Jake run the Middle Fork for the first time in 25 years, and provided solid positive backing to the old adage that it really is like riding a bike- at least it was for Jake.   A full gallery of the entire trip.
Long time Rocky guide Jerry Meyers and Big Jim with smoked trout appetizers night one.

Jer hard at work drying out the library box after an action packed day-1.

A few of the more intense Gin Rummy games lasted well into the sunny part of the afternoon, and others well into the evening.

Morning of day 2 at Scout Camp.

Gerry and Barbara, one of the sweetest couples we have floated with, grew up together but didn't realize that they were high school sweet-hearts until only a few years ago.  Right on.

With the water a little over 4.5 at the Middle Fork Lodge we had a short day three on the water.  We arrived at White Creek camp with plenty of time for Jer, Jon Green, Gideon, and Amil to do some ridge walking.  

Partial group photo on the White Cr. pack bridge.  Left to right: Michael, Tracy, Jorie, Cody, Ted, Branden, Randi, Mark, Gary, and Cassandra.

While the mountain goats searched out evidence of wolves, chukar, and sheep the rest of the group meandered to Loon Creek hot springs for a soak and wildflower walk.  Idaho's state flower, (the Syringa) as well as Montana's state flower (the Bitterroot) were two of the plants in full bloom. 

Gideon crashed out in Princess and the Pea style after ridge walking with Myers and Jon.

Each day there was at least one "True Story" by Jerry Myers.  Most of us actually believed most of the stories he recounted - maybe.

I've never been on a Rocky trip with so many card sharks.  

Doug contemplates the possibility of an underhanded  cribbage hand from Telly. 

Bill Dorris at Loon Creek International to pluck Gideon and Cassandra out of the wilderness.  Even though their time on the river was cut short there is no doubt that Gideon and Cassandra's perma-grins lasted all the way back to New York.

We can't wait to float with you when the boss gives you more than three days off.  See you in a year with the kids.

Running a non-falls, but big faced wave at Tappan Falls.

When Jackson says "All forward" the well oiled machine lurched in unison.

A blur for Myers, Doug, and Ann.

Tappan III:

Hello Ted.  Hello Branden.  Hello Jim.
Hello Tracy.  Hello Jorie.
Hello Mountain Man Hermit.

It warmed up for a swim at Little Pine camp.  The cold water took Micheal's breath away, and when he sprang from the water shaking his ice-cream headache head his glasses launched into the river.  Luckily some bareboot walking recovered his glasses.

Telly and Jerry tag-teamed the biological and political story behind the diminishing Salmon runs in Idaho before leaving camp on the fifth day.

Doug and Jon at the Waterfall Creek Bridge.

Jake Lansche was super excited to share the Middle Fork with his son Rob.  After a 25 year hiatus from the river Jake slipped back into river time, running boats, and even the circle game as if he had never spent a single day crunching the big numbers for Bill Gates.  Jake was the youngest member of one of Dave and Sheila's first river crews, and his stories gave us plenty of fun-hearted dirt on Dave and Sheila.

We were treated to a Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep show during dinner on our last night at Ship Island Camp.  As the ravenous ewes and lambs gulped rain drizzled Syringa blossoms our much more sophisticated pallets enjoyed tender butterfly-cut filet mignon and a glass of Tabali, a Chilean Pinot Noir.

Looking upstream towards Ship Island Camp the morning of day 6.

Telly pulling right at Rubber.

Don't believe Myers if he tries to tell you he kept everyone in the boat at Rubber.  True Story, by Jerry Myers.
Big Jim and the paddle boat crew charging Rubber.

Jackson gives Tom and Brian a face full in Rubber and Juan Verde blasts through the right line with a downstream ferry angle that would make Brian Reynolds proud.

More photos in this gallery.  
Thanks to everyone for all the smiles, hikes, card games, and river memories.  If you have photos you want to share with everyone send them along.  We can't wait to float with you again.

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