Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trip Report: June 4, 2009

The Rocky Crew loaded up the trailer and drove through Stanley town on June 3 for the first trip of the 2009 season.  A gallery of the entire trip.

The crew was excited to be back at Boundary Creek, sliding boats down the ramp, and securing gear for a four day Middle Fork trip.

After rigging, the crew wandered up to Dagger Falls. Rocky guide Brian Chaffin checks out Dagger Falls from the fish ladder gang planks:
Todd Jackson building an evening camp-fire.

The sunset at Boundary Creek.

With the water level just under six feet at the Middle Fork Lodge the upper 25 miles were a blur. Everyone had great lines in all the big rapids, Powerhouse, the Chutes, Velvet Falls, and a pushy, boil-filled Pistol Creek. After picking up our permit at Indian Creek guard station we spent our first night at Pungo Cr. camp.

Western Tanangers migrate through the Middle Fork corridor in massive numbers during June, and we saw dozens flitting between Doug Fir branches and Service Berry bushes.

We camped at the mouth of Loon Creek on night two arriving with plenty of time to hike up and soak in the springs.

Telly lining out Kamen on fly-casting basics.

We all appreciated Jim and Dan's exciting Everest stories - especially with the creature comforts of a river trip - you know a fire pan, good weather, shelter, and a cup of coffee.

The grounds at the Loon Creek ranch are green and looking great.

We spent our final night at one of our favorite camp-sites, Elk Bar. High water was still depositing sand for the beach, but as always the downstream view was spectacular.

We kicked off the 2009 season with a great crew:

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