Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Flying Season is Here!

September is here, which means that the fishing has really turned on in the last week. It also means that we get to FLY into the Middle Fork with the Dorris Brothers and Sawtooth Flying Service!
When you fly locally in Idaho there is only one group of people to book your backcountry flight with, Sawtooth Flying Service.

The Dorris brothers - Bill, Mike, and George - are THE LEGENDARY Idaho back-country pilots.
You know how parents hang mobiles above an infant's crib to stimulate their visual sensory? As toddlers the Dorris brothers' visual stimulation developed through the bouncing and bobbing needles of the instrument panel delivering fuel levels, altimeter readings, average climb rates, and cylinder head pressure levels.

The Dorris brothers learned to fly Idaho's back-country from their father Bill Dorris, who is slated for an Idaho Hall of Fame induction this coming year. Bill Dorris taught all the best Idaho Pilots how to fly. When Fish and Game has a difficult survey, or someone needs to get into the smallest grass hillside landing strips, or when the other air charter services need help getting in and out of the toughest Idaho strips, guess who they call? The Dorris Brothers.

After racing on the U.S. ski team with the Maher brother in the 80's, Mike Dorris returned to Idaho to run the family air service based out of McCall Idaho. After building the business to its height, Mike sold the family business for an early retirement. Lucky for us back-country aviation is in their blood and Mike and his brothers couldn't stay away. Two years ago Mike purchased Sawtooth Flying Service. The Dorris brothers are back doing what they love, and we couldn't be happier.

After the Rocky crew stuffed a sweep boat, two sweep blades, four coolers and oars into his plane George Dorris squeezes one more item into his Islander:

Sawtooth Flying Service's 185 on the dirt at Stanley International:

George gives Jon Green the pre-flight run down before heading into Indian Creek airstrip.

Watch live tracking as we fly to from Salmon to Indian Creek with the Dorris brothers and as we float the Middle Fork this week. Whatever you do, have fun!


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