Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guide Profile: Todd Jackson

How long have you guided?

Todd Jackson, 39, moved to Montana to go to school, but was temporarily distracted with rivers and the ski bum lifestyle. Todd got his life back on track when he started guiding full-time with Dave and Sheila and Rocky Mountain River Tours in 2000. After completing a degree in International Business Todd moved to Yuxi Yunnan to refine his Chinese language skills where he met and married his wife Tao Ling.

After almost five years of owning and operating a cafe and restaurant in Yuxi Todd sold the business and moved to Shijiazhang to be closer to Tao Ling's family. When Tao Ling's visa comes through (hopefully this fall) Todd and Tao Ling will move to Montana, "I'm excited to teach Tao Ling how to ski and introduce her to the Yellowstone area next winter."


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