Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Big Hats

Big Hats.

Wide brimmed palm leaf hats are as much a part of the Rocky Mountain Boatman culture as a pair of ChannelLock model 420 pliers. Wide brimmed hats shed the occasional June rain shower five inches from our neck lines, keep the Great Oppressor at bay during August, and are the river fashion envy of every private boater.

For more than ten years Rocky Guides have purchased their most important piece of sun protection from Roy Jackson of Jaxonbilt Hat Company. Roy provides custom built beaver fur hats for movie sets and cowboy enthusiasts across the country. As stylish as beaver fur might be, Rocky guides opt for the more durable and utilitarian Guatemalan palm leaf hats.

Unlike traditional Mexican Palm Leaf hats, Guatemalan Palm Leaf hats have a looser, all natural, no chemical-added weave. The chemical free construction gives us a fuzzy warm feeling inside, and makes re-shaping the "Centerline," "Oreana," or a Middle Fork original such as the "Tappan" as easy as dipping the hat in the river.

A leather rodeo strap keeps the hat from blowing away as we push through upstream breezes on our way to Driftwood camp.
Roy Jackson adds a rodeo strap to Birddog's new palm leaf:

Try matching the wide brimmed hat to the Rocky Guide then download the key, and send us an email letting us know how well you scored.

Check out Roy Jackson's nationally recognized Jaxonbilt beaver hair hats and order your own custom shaped Guatemalan palm leaf with a 4, 5, or 6 inch brim for your next Boundary Creek put-in.